Monday, December 13, 2010

My missing Piece

Love is a word with more power than most. what's interesting about this word is what it means and more importantly who is saying it with what meaning. Love the word that many people will tell one another to get what they want, however what I have to sometimes wonder is do the people who say this word really know what it means and the true power it has..If you read stories about magic and Merlin, wizards and witch's you learn words have power, what I have to wonder is who truly understand the power and the magic of the word..LOVE...

Here is some back story, around September I took my pookie to San Diego for the day for his birthday for a day trip...while in San Diego we went to old town were we came across an art fair among other things. while exploring the fair we came upon a booth of glass art and among all the sparkles and twinkles my eye caught a puzzle piece blown from glass made with color's that seem to change with each movement..something so interesting that when my Pookie saw me looking at it once he knew I was caught he bought it for me while letting me know this was the Missing Piece of my mind..:)

To me moments like this are moments of true love that couple's share that many will never understand...My beloved pookie has had to go to Florida for work and taken my hart with him :( however What I realized is that I needed to send with him a charm of luck something he only has to see or touch he will know at that moment my love is with the day I took him to the fly-away with tears in our eye's and a kiss on our lips I gave him a card with a note of love ( not to be read in front of me) my king goes...while sitting in the forecourt of LAX he reads my note of love only to discover My missing Piece with in his card with a note telling him I send this with u my love for luck and support even though I can't be with u yet, I am with u with in hart and soul, so when you return to my arm's I will then and only then retrieve my missing Piece from u with a new understanding of what it truly mean.....Love not easy however when u find that person that makes u stronger, that makes you better and more that let's u dream, that is the true Missing Piece of love that all if god allows will one day find.......

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  1. This made me cry. I am so sad that you are not with him right now, but before you know it you will be together. You are such a strong person and such an inspiration of love and putting the person you love ahead of yourself. <3 ya Juan!