Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charlie brown has nothing On me.

I find it funny to look at Christmas's through the eye's of an adult when at times I feel like I have the soul of a child. When I look at Christmas's now I find my self a little sad at the fact that the magic and the innocence I looked at Christmas's as a child is gone.

I remember watching Santa and the tree bears or yogi's 1st Christmas's I remember opening presents Christmas's eve yet all that seems gone.

Working retail I see the worst in people and I see people who put them self's in depth for what to buy gifts that people won't remember the next year, and why is that why do we do it. I mean fine gifts are great but when there is no love or meaning behind them then what's the point. When your only buying something for someone because they bought you something I think that's a problem, why not gift that person your time or something funny or silly that has a meaning to the two of you...

Christmas should be a time of togetherness and love, not OH GOD NOW I HAVE TO GO TO THE MALL.....

Pookie and I exchange presents like any couple but it's more fun to be silly and kid like to give each other a toy, or a graphic novel, heck we started our own tradition of buying a gift for our self's from the other so that we could do, " how did you know" that's magic , that's funny that's love.....I feel people have forgotten how to start tradition's because it's to involved but I say get involved be present in your life because when it's over will people remember you or not?

I really do hope this Christmas's season we all take a moment to realize that Life, that love is more than gifts, it's the magic of Time and togetherness can u really put a price on that.

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