Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home is wear the pookie is

What's interesting about this adventure I'm on with pookie is all the 1st time things were doing together, like moving across country, getting a puppy and finding a new apartment, but it's not any apartment it's our big boy home..

We feel like the years we have been together are years were we have grown and we have learned, but the best part is were doing it with each other all the way...yes we each have our own chapter to this storey we are writing but the best part is how we are making sure our stories are always part of each other..

It's an amazing feeling to me to have an amazing man like pookie do all this to bring me home to him, to build a life with him and always thinking about what will make me happy no matter if he thinks it's crazy or not..:)

Pookie told me tonight we may have found us a home and the grown up way we are speaking about this is amazing given how we were nine years ago, just two sexy homo's in love with out a care in the world.

now we talk about whether it has a place for a washer and dryer, what's the fridge like and do we have closet's great...What's really fun is the fact that this place pookie found would allow me to paint, I mean man my inner fabulousness will spill out I mean I would have to control my self with this, but wow and what's funny is pookie laughs about it and says I'm cute, of course I hope he still feels like that when our living room is purple.

The one thing I know is that this will allow me to make pookie the most amazing home ever if I do say so my self..and of course I do....

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